The Cykle meets Le Lion dans la penderie

The Cykle is much more than simple bikes, it defines a lifestyle! Pascal, one of Lyon’s most famous influencers and blog founder of le Lion dans la Penderie tells you about his meeting with our team and products. Many thanks to him for his kindness, positive and warm words he had for our concept. [...]

The Cykle meets Le Lion dans la penderie2019-03-25T17:10:25+01:00

Smart and Elite cars garage shooting

When custom bikes meet American dream classic cars No other place than Smart and Elite cars would have been better to highlight our new creation, the mustang customized E-cykler. The Cykle team and George Mcrei, the owner of Smart and Elite cars located in Saint Genis Laval, on the outskirts of Lyon, joined forces [...]

Smart and Elite cars garage shooting2019-03-25T17:11:13+01:00

Salon Industrie barbershop shooting

The Cykle invites you to discover the nicest barbershop in Lyon! It is shooting day with our iconic model Gianluca Di Sotto for a special 50s session at Industrie bar-bershop. We wanted to combine our vintage universe with the latest trends like men’s wellness sector and barbershops. Frederic, our photographer could perfectly enhance our [...]

Salon Industrie barbershop shooting2019-03-25T17:11:22+01:00

Epoqu’auto event

Our first participation in the fair Epoqu’auto on the 9th,10th and 11th November 2018 with our partner Smart and Elite Cars For the 40th edition of the fair Epoqu’auto, The Cykle and Smart and Elite cars want to bring to light their cycles and vintage cars. We have the chance to introduce our latest [...]

Epoqu’auto event2019-03-25T17:08:48+01:00